AppsAnywhere project in Norway

The Client has chosen to use AppsAnywhere from SW2 to manage and make available applications and professional systems for users. There is a need for someone who can assist in the packing process. In addition, they must have the following characteristics:

1. Very good knowledge of Windows Registry
Know where in the registry services things are located
Where to find different boot elements
Where to find Policies
The difference between user and machine
How to get a standard file type registration

2. MSI experience

Know what a Transform file is
Experience with Orca

3. Software Repackage Experience Knowing Possible Solutions for Finding Switches Experience Extracting Exe Files

4. Programming / scripting experience desired
Visual C ++ / .Net

5. Structured, fearless and hungry for knowledge

There is a need for someone who is experienced in installing and configuring a total software distribution solution, as well as package software.

See the totality of the solutions. Be able to give advice and recommendations on technical operating architecture and the possibilities that lie in the chosen solution.

Be able to troubleshoot different types of problems for the entire distribution solution, functional, technical and user-friendly

On-site in Norway

English is OK, Swedish or Norwegian is Perfect!